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floodlight n : light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography [syn: flood, flood lamp, photoflood] v : illuminate with floodlights [also: floodlit]

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  1. A projector of a bright beam of light for use in theatres and studios; a flood
  2. especially in plural Powerful artificial illumination with a broad beam, especially in a series of units on pylons used to illuminate a sports ground.

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A floodlight is an artificial light providing even illumination across a wide area.

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arc, arc light, beacon, brighten, brighten up, color filter, dimmer, enlighten, floats, flood, flood with light, footlights, foots, gelatin, highlight, illume, illuminate, illumine, irradiate, klieg light, light, light plot, light up, lighten, lights, limelight, luminate, marquee, medium, overshine, relume, relumine, shed light upon, shine upon, spot, spotlight, throw light upon
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